Why do Double Glazed Units Mist Up?

Posted 20th September 2018 By Melton Glass In

The main reason why double glazed sealed units mist up (or break down as it’s referred to in the trade) is due to failure of the perimeter seal;  in essence this means that the seal has parted from the glass face.

This can happen over time due to weather conditions; extreme hot and cold temperature, which causes continual movement over time.

In some instances the problem can be caused by incorrect glazing products and practices being used or window frames not having sufficient drainage.

If the edge seal of the sealed unit loses its integrity it is likely to let in moisture (condensation) This will be visible between the two panes of glass; giving a misted appearance.

The cost effective solution is to replace the double glazed sealed units with either like for like or upgraded replacements. There is no need to replace the window frames.

Melton Glass can replace your sealed units, with the least amount of inconvenience. Please contact us for more information and to obtain your free no obligation quote. Remember, we give a 5 year warranty on all units supplied and fitted by us!

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